Engineering Execution


PTRE has a proven track record of success in Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, Cement and Mineral, Power Plants projects and many other types of upstream and downstream projects. Customers have the opportunity to apply this wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Project Conception and Initiation of their project. As an overall group, PTRE project team works hand-in-hand with our respected Customers. Every project awarded to PTRE is organized under the direction of a Project Manager who is responsible for the maintenance of quality, costs and schedules and reports to the Project Director. Supporting the

Project Manager in every aspect of engineering, Engineering Division consists of engineers specialized in process, mechanical, instrument, piping, electrical and civil engineering, who participate in the project execution, preparation of proposals and consultancy services. Besides, wealso have Project Planning and Control Departmentto control and manage the project during the execution.

Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, engineering projects are carried out by a task force or a combination of task force and matrix. This approach increases efficiency and reliability, and locates all members of the task force team in a single location to facilitate the back up, speedy communication and centralized control that the Project Manager depends on. Working directly under the administrative control of the Project Manager, the type, size, composition and location of the task force is determined according to the scale and type of project.